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Featured products

Fitness Promotional Items-Stay Fit!
Fitness Promos
Custom printed fitness promo items helps marketing and human resources to promote health and wellness.
Clear backpacks & mesh backpacks are required today by many schools, certain facilities & large indoor/ outdoor sporting & entertainment events for security & safety. Ask about our large selection of solid backpacks too!
Clear & Mesh Backpacks
Clear backpacks & mesh backpacks are required by many schools, certain facilities & large indoor/ outdoor sporting events for security & safety.
Custom Printed school supplies
School Supplies
Large selection of school supplies.
Custom printed rain ponchos and umbrellas
Rain Ponchos and Umbrellas
Custom printed promotional rain ponchos and umbrellas with your logo are great giveaways.

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Ad Pros of Palm Beach is a full-service promotional products company located in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, South Florida proudly serving the needs of local clients as well as those around the United States since 1997. Promotional products and services (also known as advertising specialties, advertising premiums and "swag") are all we do; it is not a side business. At Ad Pros of Palm Beach, we measure success in terms of satisfied clients, repeat business and referrals. As such, we prefer personalized service over the do-it-yourself platform. So please call us ahead of your next trade show, marketing campaign, corporate meeting or retreat or other promotional event and we'll help you find what you're looking for within your budget and deliver on-time. Thank You.

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